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Originally Posted by LeDoyen View Post
That looks about right, that's more or less how i did it too.
Starting with Asus OC scanner and slowly raising memory frequency.
I found that in my case, memory OC had more impact than clock on 3DMark.

For gaming tho, i never run the overclock preset. When i activate it the gain is so negligible... 3 or 4 FPS in AC Odissey.. for 40 - 50W more power draw.
Worth trying for games that will run slow like FS2020. I don't know yet if there will be a visible uplift, if you pardon that little play on words :p
I take a similar approach. I use the OC scanner utility for my card then tweak from there. That said depending on the game it might not have a noticeable effect on in-game performance. FS2020 for example (since it was mentioned), may actually respond better to a CPU overclock or tweaking system memory settings rather than dumping more power into your graphics card.

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