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Default First time overclocking, what do you think?

I used Zotac’s Firestorm software to overclock. My pump speed was set to constant 65%. My spec is in my profile.

Initially I tried the OC scanner and got 30MHz GPU clock/1875MHz boost.
Then I went manual.

I started with the memory and got it up to 1500MHz, going up around 100MHz at a time. At 1600 MHz there were some artifacts in Unigine’s Heaven. I went back down to 1500MHz and it was stable. Heaven gave a mark of 4846 and 4852 on test and re-test. Superposition gave 4402 and 4402 on re-test.

I then went onto the GPU clock (with mem boost put back to zero), jumping in at 50 MHz clock. At 100 I got minor artifacting on Heaven but Superposition was fine, with scores of 4664 and 4271 respectively. I put it at 80MHz clock and got a minor artifact in Heaven, Superposition was fine and the scores were 4625 and 4246 – so only a small drop in score for a more or less stable GPU OC.

Then I combined them. Firstly I dropped the GPU clock from 80 to 50 and memory from 1500 to 1200 (I understand it is better to reduce when you are combining them rather than when testing each in isolation).

My results were –
GPU 50 Mem 1200 – 4816 Heaven / 4477 Superposition
GPU 60 Mem 1250 – 4835 Heaven / 4495 Superposition
GPU 65 Mem 1300 – 4842 Heaven / 4507 Superposition
GPU 70 Mem 1400 – 4875 Heaven / 4529 Superposition
GPU 75 Mem 1400 – 4877 Heaven / 4538 Superposition
GPU 85 Mem 1450 – 4893 Heaven / 4558 Superposition
GPU 85 Mem 1400 – 4906 Heaven / 4565 Superposition (dialled back memory due to minor artifact)

I then ran Timespy twice and got 12,008 / 12,092, which is apparently in the top 7% for this GPU.

Is the way I approached the overclock alright, and what are the final benchmarks on Heaven/Superposition/Timespy? I don't think there's any point trying to fine-tune anymore is there? Just, sort of, see how I go with games?

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