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The H150i is a 360mm cooler which means it carries 3 x 120mm fans. While I believe it is possible to fit this in the 750D by ripping out the drive bays, perhaps what you really want is the H115i Pro - a 280mm cooler that is 2x140mm. It is a more natural fit and there is no meaningful difference in cooling between a 280mm and 360mm, except in special circumstances like a minimum noise set up or when otherwise case restricted. You do not need to run the H115i Pro in push-pull with two sets of 140mm fans. It just isn't needed unless you have extreme long professional loads and even then it is a debatable point.

Putting the fans above or below the radiator will have minimal impact on performance, so you can make the decision to hide them or show them off. I generally prefer to mount them on the interior so only one side of the fan is in contact with a solid surface. This tends to be slightly softer in tone, but I am also very picky about that. It is a subtle difference on most cases.

I have not used that USB. Theoretically it should work, although I might be cautious about over doing it. Putting 4 USB devices on the same path when you don't need to might be unnecessarily complicating things. I certainly would use the two on the back of the Commander Pro before going to a powered splitter system.
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