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1) Yes. The Commander Pro is the fan controller and software interface. The RGB lighting hub is the power pathway for the lighting. You will either need to buy the RGB Lighting Hub from Corsair directly or pick up one of the twin packs of ML140-RGB to get it inside. That triple pack will also include a Lighting Node Pro, that you currently do not need. However, it can daisy chain into the Commander Pro for future expansion or more flexibility.

2) Not at this time.

3) Connect the "dummy" H150i motherboard header to CPU_FAN or AIO. It doesn't make much difference. There is no power on this path and it simply reports a pump speed to the BIOS. However, the other thing is does is get you past the CPU Boot error that occurs when nothing is on CPU fan. Since you will have all your other fans on the H150i controller or the Commander Pro, you might as well stick the H150i connector on CPU fan and solve two problems. The fans themselves connect to the H150i's internal fan controller. Those will be controllable in iCUE though the cooler's device portal.

4) 2x140 front intake. H150i top exhaust. 1x140 rear. Where will the other two ML140-RGB go? Bottom intake?

*PSU needs a USB 2.0 port. There are two on the Commander Pro and your motherboard likely has 1, although that will be for the C-Pro.

"1x Corsair RGB Lighting Node Pro Lighting Controller or would 2x CORSAIR Link RGB LED Lighting" -- Do you mean the RGB strip lighting? Or something different?

*Also note the fans that come with the H150i are not RGB. This seems to get missed frequently.
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