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Yeah as Kcodyjr mentioned, it really is down to your budget but as a ground rule, I usually build a PC around a CPU. So I would see what the budget is first and pick a processor that fits within that budget.

If you can, go for an Intel Core i5-8400 because you won't get better bang for your buck at the moment. Then you can start looking at a motherboard that will be compatible with the CPU. Once you have that pegged, for the 8400, you will be using DDR4 memory so try to go for some good quality Corsair DDR4 anywhere between 8Gb and 16Gb will be nice if you can afford it. Then you need to think about a graphics card and again my rule is Nvidia, preferably MSI and anything from the GTX 1060 and above will be superb in a gaming PC. Obviously you wil want a power supply to power it and again, go for a good quality one like the Corsair series, you could probably get away with the VS650 which should be more than enough power even if you upgrade in the future. Next up is storage, but really this is a matter of how many games you want to play and how fast you want it to go. There is the standard 3.5" SATA HDD which are a good choice to keep the cost down or your could go for a 2.5" SSD which is going to make the machine really rocket but will cost substantially more. You might want a DVD combo drive but they are on the out nowadays as most games are downloaded and adding a DVD drive will limit your choice of case. That brings me to my last point which is the case.. as long as you go for a decent gaming case such as the Corsair 460x then you should be ok, although you can't have a DVD drive in that one. The rule here is if you have an ATX motherboard you need an ATX case but also be aware that the case specs should tell you the maximum length of the graphics card and maximum height of the cooler for the CPU. The Core i5-8400 can run quite hot so your going to need a decent cooler, but again as kcodyjr mentioned, air cooling will be easier than liquid.

I have added a link to a parts list which would be everything you need and all those parts will be compatible with each other. You will see I have put a 240Gb SSD for the boot drive and a 1TB storage drive, you can just build without the SSD if you like. This is a pretty expensive build but it would make a great gaming rig.

Hope that helps a little

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