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Thank you for your service, and welcome home.

I'll be happy to walk you through a build, in excruciating detail, if you'd like.

High level summary, though; you pick your parts and assemble them.

At minimum, you'll need:

* Case
* Motherboard
* CPU, with heatsink or fan
* Power supply
* Graphics Card - put horsepower here for gaming
* Sound Card (maybe, the motherboard might have it built-in)
* Keyboard and Mouse you like. Can be the ones you have.
* A fan or three

Realistically, you need to decide on a budget up front.

Then, start by looking for a case you like, and a motherboard to match it.

Case and cooling strategy are the parts you'll have to think about "permanent roommate approval factor." She isn't going to appreciate a computer in the living room that sounds like an F-14 at ground idle.

Since this is your first build, I'd suggest sticking with conventional fan-cooling, and just get good ones that run quiet. Or, if you're comfortable with radiators and coolant and stuff from bigger machines, there are all-in-one radiator kits out there - Corsair's H100i and related products are well spoken of. How much of a tinkerer are you generally?

Case is all about having enough space for the parts you want, proper airflow, and aesthetics - do you want your computer to be subtle and discreet, like an office computer; do you want it to be big and ballsy like a jacked-up pickup truck, do you want it to have colored lights that sync to the music, with gamer/stoner appeal, etc etc.

I'd start by flipping through Corsair's case catalog and see what appeals to you.

Reach out to me anytime.
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