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Problem 1)

If your mouse is lagging, choppy movement with the cursor. Its caused by the mouses RGB and changing colors. To fix it for now (until the fix it in a software/firmware update) just make all the colors solid.

Problem 2)

If your side buttons and macros on the mouse/keyboard stop working its probably from CUE crashing and isn't a problem with the Scimitar by itself. As a matter of fact as Goat has suggested unplugging the RGB keyboards is the solution for now. The scimitar works brilliantly alone aside from issue 1.

It has something to do with having both the RGB keyboards plugged in and the Scimitar plugged in that causes the crash.

I came to this conclusion after having my K70 RGB plugged in and sending it back because I thought it was faulty after looking at the logs. I plugged in my old Ryos MK Pro and my scimitar and had no crashes for a good month. I just got a new K95 since I liked having the macros and its back to crash city.

I hope this helps as I love my K95 RGB and my Scimitar is the best feeling mouse I have owned yet. But with the crashes its becoming very frustrating especially in rated matches.

Also to note, I only have ever seen it crash while in a game. If I am just browsing the internet or watching movies etc. I haven't experienced one crash as of yet (to my knowledge).

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