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Originally Posted by nalan9 View Post
Hello all,

I just completed my first build (VERY EXCITING)!! To help with my question my specs are as follows; Tower: Crystal Series 570x, CPU: Intel i5 96k, Motherboard: Asus 365 rock Phantom, PS: RM 850x, CPU Cooler: H115i Pro, and GPU: MSI GTX 1660. There was little to no room to mount the cooler on top of the tower. I removed the provided fan's and their mount from the front and placed the cooler there. Now I am unable to mount the factory fans on the top. I cant seem to find slots where the screws can fit. Can I mount the fans without the provided fan mount? Will I need to purchase a new fan mount to get them into the case? Is it advisable to run the tower with only the CPU cooler? Could I have some how fit the cooler on the top of the tower without a fan mount? Thanks for any help in advance I greatly appreciate it!
Firstly, I don't believe to 570x can fit a H115i up top. As per the specifications in the manual, you can only fit a 240mm radiator up there and the H115i is a 280mm.

As for your fan mounting questions, I'd love to try and help you out but, I'm unsure what the 'fan mounts' are you keep mentioning/moving. Any chance you could upload some pictures so we can help assist you?

Also, take a look at my 570x build photos in the link below and see if it makes more sense to you. Note; this is for the mirror black edition but, the basic concept is still the same. As they say, "a picture can paint a thousand words".
570X Mirror Black

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