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Default Void wireless help // no audio

I seem to be having a technical issue with the Void Wireless headset. Now I'm not exactly sure what happened but at one point the audio suddenly turned stopped coming out of the headset while playing a game. Googled the problem and I came across the whole 'force-update firmware' in the CUE.

After following the steps I got the result:
-The headphones work when they're plugged in after updating but for whatever reason, the charging lights aren't on nor am I able to turn off the headset. I can't get it into pairing mode either. It also says it's on 0% despite the charging cable being plugged in.
-If I unplug it, it switches off and I'm unable to turn it back on until I force-update the firmware again. Still unable to get it into pairing mode.
-When I plug the charging cable back in, I get a pulsing amber colour on the InfoMic but I'm still unable to turn it back on nor get it into pairing mode.
-When I force-update again I get the same result, stuck in this recurring loop.

I'm more than certain that the power button isn't broken as the headset is relatively new. If anyone knows of a fix or is dealing with a similar issue, please let me know.
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