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Default New Features?

Are these new features added to ICUE with the latest patch?

1. There used to be a triangle on the visual representation of the device keys to indicate you have an action associated with it. Now, there is an avatar that covers the keys entirely.

2. When you go to the actions menu of the device the lighting turns off.

So if you play in the dark, and need to go to your actions menu you need to modify an action you can't see the keys on the keyboard or representation? And you have to scroll through a miniature action list and look for a "G3" on the right side?

Great new features! Are all Corsair employees playing the same game and making modifications for the purposes of that? If so, could you let me in on the secret, and I'll learn to play that game? I have searched through the patch notes to see indications of these changes. Nope, I cant find any indication. They were just launched on me. This might be fine, except that they are not wholly positive changes.

Copy/paste between macros? Like you had on your CUE 1 software 6 years ago? Anytime? Corsair has other priorities I understand.
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