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Originally Posted by Toasted View Post
By randomly switching off, is it always a set time e.g. every 10-15 minutes or is it always random? e.g. 5,6,7... minutes after turning it on.

Do you have any other wireless devices where the headset and dongle are?

No it's just completely random, it's usually when I move my head around? I've considered wireless interference, but I just tried putting my iPhone on aeroplane mode and shutting off the wifi, and that helped a little bit? But the only things that it could be are the wifi/router itself, or my Logitech dongles for my mouse (which can be wireless or cabled, and I always have it plugged in), and my keyboard.

I suspect if it's anything it's going to be my keyboard just because the dongle is close to the Void dongle, and the actual keyboard is close to the headset? But I feel like that's very unlikely?

I would normally think that it's the dongle itself but it's always on, like the light is always on, and it doesn't physically drop in and out from the device manager, it's just like it temporarily goes into 'sleep' mode or something, even though I'm in the middle of a game or a movie.
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