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But what then is the point in having the VA if a pc is needed? why would you buy the VA when you could put a much bigger drive in the pc and just stream off that? When buying the drive corsair said it could stream wirelessly to smart tv's yet no where can i find any evidence of this being done :(

Atm the best workaround i can think of is simply connecting the VA direcetly to the router but then that goes back to my previous point of paying twice as much for a smaller HDD, thats all the VA is in this aspect...
Apart from this problem tho it works great in the car and everywhere else i take it.

After a little looking i found this, seagates solution:

They have just created an app pretty much identical to their smart phone variant for smart tv's, works exactly the same.

How could i go about approaching corsair for a similar app for the VA?

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