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Originally Posted by parsec View Post
The issue: The base firmware version 5.0 from SandForce that is supplied to its customers (Corsair, etc) has broken TRIM functionality.
Corsair or other SSD manufactures did not "break" TRIM in firmware 5.0, LSI/SandForce did. IMO, that was a major fumble by SandForce, that Corsair, etc, then have the pleasure of dealing with unhappy customers.
Hold on here. How many times have we read that "[insert manufacturer name, including the one sponsoring this forum] is validating the firmware"?

I'll tell you. Constantly.

So here's what I'd like to know: How come it took a diligent skeptic at TweakTown to expose this publicly? How come this fundamental aspect of SSD functionality wasn't caught by any of these "validation" exercises? Someone doesn't know what they're doing? They're not using well-controlled formal protocols? There actually is no validation? Take yer pick. But the evidence in the industry says it's probably at least ONE of those.

Sure. Sandforce has fully earned and deserves its present reputation. But then, the manufacturers who've rubber-stamped their errors should be willing to accept their share of the blame for this sorry state of affairs.

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