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Originally Posted by munixed View Post
Hey everyone,

Experiencing a strange issue since I updated to Windows 10 1903. Over the past week only fans 1 & 2 are lighting up and the other 4 are just blank.

I have re-installed iCue, updated all drivers, tried Corsair Link. Still the same issue.

Also, fan number 1 seems to be working fine, however fan number 2 has the LED in the top right hand corner continuously flashing a different colour. Definitely not natural at all.

Before the update, all 6 fans worked fine.

Does anyone have this issue, or anyone know of any fixes?

I've been experiencing a very similar issue during the last few days.
I have 6 LL120 fans, 3 white as exhaust at the top, and 3 black as intake at the side.
While playing a game, with both CPU and GPU under load, one of the 3 white fans started exhibiting strange behaviour after a while. One part has the same colour and the effects are not the same as the other fans.
This has happened a few times already and only with this fan. The strange behaviour goes away if I open iCue and re-select the current profile.

I was thinking this might be a defective fan, but your message makes me think this might be a Windows issue, since I've recently updated too.
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