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Ignoring all other considerations, a 360mm on the front likely winds up being 2-4C cooler than a 280mm up top. Half because the front rail is 2-3 cooler than the top above the VRM and RAM and likely another 1C in cooling advantage of a 360 vs 280.

However, there definitely are some other considerations. If you go into the cases section and search 680x, you should find multiple threads with pictures. One of the critical elements in working with a 360mm in that case is what happens with the fans. Obviously you would like to keep the LL120 fans on the front glass, with the radiator behind. That pushes the radiator 25mm further into the case and other users are reporting a collision issue between the front radiator and top mounted fans. I think 140mm fans up top is a problem. 120mm fans might work. If you do put a 280mm up top, that eliminates the front fan issue. It should be unnecessary to mount the fans outside the case. You likely want them underneath for lighting purposes and further away from the glass.

Bottom fans should be intake, regardless of the front 360 vs top 280 decision.
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