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Default Corsair Glaive not detected on cold boot

Been having this issue from since I bought this mouse. When booting up from a cold boot all my hardware except for the Glaive is detected. My Glaive doesn't work until I plug it out and plug it back in again. I've tried several solutions such as;

- disabling fast boot in BIOS
- using other USB ports
- uninstalling and reinstalling drivers
- updating chipset drivers
- reinstalling iCUE

Now funny enough when I uninstalled iCUE from my system and did another cold boot the mouse was detected just fine! So correct me if I'm wrong but it's looking like an iCUE issue here. I'm running the latest version after an update today and the issue still persists! Am I alone with this problem or is there a fix?


This issue has now been resolved. It was due to the PC not being plugged into a wall socket and receiving constant power. Previously it was plugged into a surge protecter power strip which was turned off every night, for some reason when powering on the mouse would not receive power upon boot. Now it is left plugged into a wall socket that is left switched on and the mouse now boots up with everything else.

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