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Originally Posted by TheMaskedShadow View Post
I only have one macro defined and it's in the Actions Library of the M65 and is a "toggle" type macro.

What I press on the ESC button of my MK70 MK2.SE, it activates that macro for some reason. Pressing on ESC again deactivates it (since it's a toggle).

PS: The workaround for me was to delete that macro for now, and have no issues with pressing ESC anymore.
Thank god, I'm not the only one.

Eversince I updated to 3.22.74 i've experienced the same issues, and what i've discovered is:

Actions LIBRARY are mapped to the keyboard's escape row in order.
Pressing Escape will execute Macro #1, pressing F1 will execute macro #2, and so on. Reordering the list will be applied upon restarting iCUE. The workaround is to enumerate all Fkey macros manually and keep them ordered, so that when you press F1, the F1 remap to F1 is executed (if this makes sense).

Its a real pain and i've honestly no clue how something so breaking could get through testing. Please fix this ASAP Corsair!. UK Keyboard layout on Corsair K70 using "English (American English)" iCUE setting in Windows 10 18362.476

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