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canapi 11-20-2019 11:33 AM

Void PRO Usb Mic perma Off Issue
I have this strange problem since I updated iCue software, if i unplug my Void Headset after replug mic seems on but switching off from the headset button i ear the Voice feedback (Mike off) then it's impossible to switch on again, no feedback, led always red and mic not working (Audio it's ok).
So I have to unload iCue, start again the iCue Application and the headset now works ok, until I unplug the USB cable.

Any suggestion?

canapi 11-21-2019 07:32 AM

I tried all the workarounds listed in the support page but nothing fixed the problem, any news about a new release of the iCUe software that will fix this issue?

canapi 11-28-2019 06:10 AM

Ok, seems there is no update on software, i'll try to send a customer request directly to corsair, headset still not working at all and starting icue again everytime i unplug the headset it's really annoying

canapi 12-03-2019 03:55 AM

I opened a Ticket with customer support and they asked me to uninstall and re-install iCue but the problem still exists, anyone have resolved and can help me to manage this issue?
If I close ICue the mic works fine, when I start Icue all seems to work but if I unplug and re-plug the Void USB Pro the mic remain in Off status even if by software I enable and disable it, so I gave to unload and reload iCue to enable the mic again.


canapi 12-05-2019 09:08 AM

After 2 weeks of no answer from corsair I decided to request a refund for the defective headset. and from now on I'll no more buy corsair products.. so poor customer support for the highest prices in the market.

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