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Broller 05-15-2018 11:10 AM

Surround on Void Pro USB (Windows 10 April Update 1803)

I'm fairly new here, so sorry if I am not that "correct" from the very beginning.

When I updated Windows 10 to 1803, my Void headset stopped being surround. Checking in CUE if it was activated, enabling/disabling, rebooting, reinstalling drivers, reinstalling CUE, installing iCue instead, nothing does. Even the device manager is useless at this point. Windows sees it as an 8 channel 16bit 48000hz device, but I get no surround and even Windows Spatial sound is grayed out.
I've seen however that there was a workaround for the wireless Void, but I could not find anything for the USB version.

What can I do?

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