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Schwitz 03-16-2017 01:51 PM

The Legend Of Zelda
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Brand new set of profiles for one of my all-time favorite series,
The Legend of Zelda!

Includes the following profiles:
- Triforce
- Sheikah Slate (+Sound Effect)
- Shrine Orange
- Shrine Blue
- Guardian
- Majoras Mask (+2 Sound Effects)
- Majoras Mask Static
- Ocarina (+5 Sound Effects)
- Ocarina (K65 Version)
- Ocarina (K95 Version)

Sheikah Slate plays the update sound effect on ScrollLock

Majoras Mask can be set up to play either the Skull Kid Laugh or the Happy Mask Salesman Laugh

Ocarina (And the other versions of it) Has sound effects for each of the 5 main notes that can be played on the Ocarina, allowing you to play songs from the games.

This is my first profile released under the new CUE 2.11 (Folder Update) so I've included versions for both CUE 2.9 and CUE 2.11.

Updates to the rest of my library coming soon.

Download Link Available On My Website:

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