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justinrchandler 05-11-2015 05:50 PM

600T - Microphone Picking Up Audio Out - Front Jacks
I'm using a headset/microphone combo and plugging into the audio/mic jacks at the front of the case. Whenever I use my microphone, ANY audio out sound (music, youtube, games, etc) is also fed into the microphone input. Basically anyone on the other end of my microphone gets to hear me and all audio from my computer.

Here's what I don't think the issue is:
-This isn't my mic picking up noise from my headset. This occurs even if my mic is muted or disabled.
-I don't think this is a driver issue, I re-installed Realtek HD Audio drivers multiple times.
-I don't think there is a specific sound setting I need to change. I tried disabling "stereo mix" in sound inputs

Here's what I think the issue is:
-I do not have this problem using the back audio/mic jacks connected directly to the motherboard. I read in a forum somewhere that this is because the front audio ports are not shielded and/or have intersecting input/output wires. Does this sound like it could be the issue? How would I go about fixing this?


Corsair Dustin 05-12-2015 11:06 AM

I guess what I'd need to know is if it's specifically feedback that they're hearing - like if your mic is picking up speaker noise - or if it's crystal clear, like the mic is being *mixed* with the Windows audio.

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