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StudioNewb 04-16-2010 10:43 PM

New i7 build won't post with CMG6X3M3A1866C7
So needless to say, i'm not happy.
Having gone the extra mile and shelled out the extra dough on what should essentially be the best RAM in the world, it won't post.

Now i know on a new build like this it could really be anything, and as this is my first i7 build i don't have a bin of "tested working" parts laying around for a proper trouble shooting session. What i do know is this; the 9600gt is tested working in my old system, as are the hard drives, DVD r/w and WiFi card. As for the rest, i'm using very high end components throughout as you'll see in my profile.

The p6x58d Premium has a neat little "Mem OK" button/light/tweaking intrface/thing :sunglasse which seems to be confirming there is a critical (POST preventing) problem with the memory.

I've done everything i know to trouble shoot with my limited tools/parts/knowlege including (but not limited to) rearranging the memory modules, checking all contacts for contamination/seating (including cpu, memory, pci-e, and all power connectors.

This build is the core of my home recording studio business and downtime is unpaid :(
That's why i opted to spend the extra now on supposedly exceptionally reliable hardware so stuff like this wouldn't happen.

Corsairs memory selector does list my mboard under the "supported list" for my ram, but oddly enough, does not list my ram on my motherboard's list, nor does my mb manufacturer list my RAM's particular model/timing as specifically supported for my board :eek::sigh!::confused:

somone? anyone? :bigeyes:

StudioNewb 04-18-2010 08:23 AM

will somebody please respond!? i'm pulling my hair out! i'm in a third world country and i can't even find a repair shop with ddr3 for troubleshoting! PLEASE HELP!?

Wired 04-18-2010 07:37 PM

Please be patient. Corsair closed for the weekend before your account was even created. They won't even open for another 16 hours.

RAM GUY 04-19-2010 08:01 PM

Most modules should be fine in that board. I would recommend checking all of your power connections. If you continue to have issues try just one module in the slot furthest away from the CPU.

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