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Raz3rs 12-22-2018 09:43 AM

Corsair Void Pro USB Lighting Effect and Mic Problem
I bought Corsair Vodi Pro USB, 3 weeks ago. I installed Icue 3.9 version. But Headset lights not working. Anytime. Im update on new version. But problem continued... And im reinstall windows 10 a few days ago. But microphone is not good working. Mic sound distortion. Like this issue:

Im reinstall new version and install old versions. But problem continued. And lighting is not working any time. Help me please

Raz3rs 12-24-2018 08:47 AM

I solved Mic Quality...

Right click the speaker icon in the lower right in Windows.
Click Sounds
Go to the Recording tab
Click on the mic that is being used. Mine has the green default indicating check mark next to it.
Click Properties at the bottom.
Go to the Advanced tab
There will be a rectangular drop down that should let you adjust the quality you transmit in.
I would say put it on DVD at minimum.
Then close everything and should be good to go.

Raz3rs 12-25-2018 03:09 AM

Lighting Problem continued...

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