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KNP54 02-22-2018 04:00 PM

(CL) Intermittent Black screen with Intel X79
I've been plagued with Random Black Screen problem ever since I build my PC 4 years ago and about 1 year ago I've nailed down the problem to Corsair Link. Whenever Corsair Link is not running, I never have the Black Screen problem (ie, my monitors lose signal, USB devices stops responding but sound continues to play, and have to push reset).

So every time a new version of Corsair Link comes out, I try it out and within a few minutes to a few hours I get a black screen.

I've been active on the nVidia forum a while back when I was pulling the hair out of my head trying to diagnose the problem believing that the problem came from the video card (since when disabling TDR, instead of a black screen I would get a blue screen with Video_TDR_Failure), but I'm fairly certain that this problem only manifests itself on motherboard with the Intel X79-Express chipset when Corsair Link is running. (At that time, I had 5 people confirming that they had random black screens and their motherboards where X79 based (Asus Rampage IV series) and where running corsair link)

Could you guys check into this? I like the looks of Corsair Link, but cannot use it at all.

Landerx74 04-28-2018 10:01 AM

I was having the exact same issue when I had Corsair link running. I have an x79 system as well. Any solution that you found other than uninstalling or not running Corsair link?

KNP54 06-20-2018 12:05 PM

Sorry for the late response.
The only solution I found is not running Corsair Link. You can leave it installed so that you can configure LEDs and/or change fan curves from time to time. When you're done, simply exit Corsair Link (from the system tray)

I'm building a new PC soon (SSFF), but it won't have any link devices so I won't be able to test link anymore. I'm waiting for my case (louqe ghost S1, on order) and power supply (Corsair SF600 platinum, waiting to be available in Canada....)

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