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lusayalumino 10-30-2019 06:21 PM

RGB Keyboard Key Map Color Per Key Diagram Template
I created a Template in to Custom Create Images of Program Lighting Profiles with Per Key assignments for different programs.

I hope somebody finds it useful.

I won't take the time here to teach how to use but:
  1. Create a New Layer (Layers Panel on Right in Screenshot) for the Program you want a light profile for
  2. Select the Layer Color that you want (e.g. Green, Yellow, etc)
  3. Using CTRL + Click / Drag, select every key of that color
  4. CTRL+C (copy) > Click the New Layer you Created > CTRL+V (paste)
  5. Keep doing that until you have all the keys done. Then File > Save As (.jpg, .png, etc)




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