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slyphnier 05-14-2016 01:05 PM

AIO Cooling Product Request
is there a way to properly request for a product to corsair company or team ?

i am want to request for AIO cooling

probably corsair already ever consider it, as corsair ever using coolit as their oem
for me, coolit vantage is one of the coolest AIO ever released in market, and i been looking for similar product since they stop selling it...

those LCD display, probably many consider not important as people wont see their rig much...
but IMHO for pc case with side-windows, it still looking cool/nice accent

plus on screen cooler temp is really helpful to figure if there something wrong, i can check coolertemp & cputemp to see how the cooling performance, or it can simply for easy figure out if user properly plug their cooler (properly fitted cooler should not have more than 5C different to cpu core temp, right?)

as bonus, vantage also equipped with alarm, that when pump failing, it will buzzing

as cooling performance, probably corsair current aio lineup have better performance
but on gimmick area, i have yet to see a product that as cool as coolit vantage... well its personal preference but i think there some people agree with me

if LCD display seems to be issue which increased failure rate/rma etc.
then dont use LCD display, use more fail-proof, like retro clock led like

and again imho pump failure alert/buzzing is somewhat important
it should be equipped in every AIO unit

it even better if have alert code, like long beep = pump failure, short beep = overheat .. combination = internal/hardware error

if possible i want to request corsair to look at the idea to bring similar product (coolit vantage) in the future

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