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MNBelac 07-19-2019 02:15 PM

Dark Core RGB SE Question

I bought the Dark Core RGB SE mouse today to upgrade from a low grade gaming mouse. I upgraded the firmware and all of that out of the box once I got home with it. I've come to find out that the majority of the buttons work on it, but the right click doesn't do anything at all. Normally on other mice, i'd get a pop up menu or something on with it. I tried searching around for possible answers to this, but nothing stood out.

Is this problem something that I need to go into the software to re-map the key to work or do I already have a faulty right click? Or is this something normal that i'm just missing a step with setting it up? This is my first corsair product and the iCUE software seems a little daunting to figure out. I just figured I would come here first to see if someone had a possible answer/solution.


Apophis3 07-19-2019 05:12 PM

1) Shut down iCUE completely and test the right-click.
2) If not working, try using the mouse wired or via BlueTooth.
3) If still not working, return for a replacement.

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