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brandontaz2k2 02-05-2019 07:29 PM

Need new housing
Hi, I am looking to purchase a new housing for my Voyager GTX 256GB (2015)
It comes with a metal housing , with orange/red plastic pieces near the end of the flash drive and the connector. I called tech support and they could not find anything on it, so i hope there's a solution here.

I know I could 3d print a plastic housing, but I lack a 3d printer and the knowledge of even creating a file for it.

Long story short is I destroyed the housing (drive still works thankfully) and I need a new housing

Corsair Rick 02-15-2019 12:01 AM

Hello brandontaz2k2,

Sorry to hear that. Unfortunately we don't have it available separately, I'm sorry. The 3D printer idea is great. I've not personally used any, but I'm sure there are online services that will 3D print something for you. I hope you're able to find a solution to keep the drive safe!

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