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timeToy 01-14-2019 03:04 AM

Lighting Node Pro High speed color update SDK issues
Hi all,

I have a Lighting Node Pro controlling my Fans and Light Strips, the light strips are affixed on the back of the Monitor (a total of 6 Strips, 1 on the Left, 2 on the top, 1 on the right and 2 at the bottom)

Using SDK v3.0.207, I have created (with some online help) a simple app to change the color of EACH LEDs on EACH STRIP to match the section of screen that is aligned with the LEDs. A small demo is better that a long explanation:

So I got everything running fine, but I have issue with the strip 3 to 6 that stop to respond to the color changes after a short while. It seems to be related to the update speed.

I want the LEDs to respond as fast as my 60Hz monitor (16.6 ms per frame).
At first using GDI I was not able to get below 28ms per frame just for the capture, the GDI solution works fine at 30Hz (33 ms per frame) and I have no specific issue with it. Note: if I reduce the size of the GDI capture window to accelerate the process I do also run into the issue.

When using the DXGI Desktop Duplication API, capture time is down to 3-4 ms, witch is great that leave plenty of time for the color calculation and I can even calculate the waiting time to match the 16.6ms for each frame.

So that works very well, the effect is very responsive and can be enjoyed for Movies and video games, BUT after a few minutes the strip #3 to #6 stop to respond to the color changes and revert to the previous color (the one set in iCue). Strip 1 and 2 still works fine. And if I then go to iCue to change the color of the Strips only the first 2 strips will be changing color, the strip 3 to 6 are stuck at the same color. A simple computer restart DO NOT FIX the issue. The only way to fix the issue, is to POWER OFF the computer for a few seconds, then restart it. Sometime when restarting the computer all the LEDs, including the Fans are completely off. Again, power down for a little longer usually does the trick.

Iím using CorsairSetLedsColorsAsync, I try to request exclusive access but that do not seem to help.

Is there a rate limit to change the color of a LEDs?
Is there a bug that crash the Lighting Node Pro after a certain amount of color changes in a short period?
How can I avoid this rather annoying behavior?

Thanks a lot.

natefrog 01-19-2019 04:31 PM

First of all let me say great work, it looks awesome in your video. I can't help you with your issue as I haven't tried doing anything with the SDK as of yet. I was hoping Corsair would eventually add something like this to iCUE, but not very hopeful at this point.

LeSnakk 01-21-2019 12:33 PM

Very very nice! Looks amazing.

I know your problem. For me it occured when I was connecting and disconnecting stripes while iCUE was on. That issue got fixed for me during some updates, I don't know which any more. So make sure you are running the latest iCUE and Firmware version.
I didn't read a lot about this problem in the forums; maybe it's something system related. If you could send me the program, I could test it on my system:)

LeSnakk 01-21-2019 12:37 PM

Also there exists a let's call it "crazy corsair rgb people"-discord where you may get a ton of help, you'd fit perfectly in there:D

mpoffo 03-08-2019 11:27 PM

Is it possible to get a copy fo this to try timetoy? This is exactly what I have been looking for on the Corsair side of things.

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