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skaarj 02-10-2017 05:07 AM

Corsair FORCE LS 128GB Firmware Bug Report

I would like to report a bug in the firmware of these SSDs.
- Description:
Boss asked me to backup two such SSDs using GHOST. I connected each SSD via an USB to SATA connector and started to dump the data to a local uncompressed .gho file. At around 84% the program reported a bad sector, then it shutted down with some internal failure error. In "My Computer" the drive dissapeared. At reboot the HDD is no longer detected as 120GB capacity, but as an old 20 MBytes HDD.

[later edit] The following data is the same for both SSD drives:

- Disk Drive Information:

Part Number: CSSD-F120GBLSB
Device Manager (Windows 7/32 bit) shows the SSD information as following:

PS3109S9 USB Device

Disk Manager reports as following:
Disk1: Unknown, 20 MBytes, Not Initialized

I am unable to boot MsWindows with this SSD inserted into the motherboard SATA port (AHCI enabled according to the Corsair SSD Toolbox instructions). Also unable to boot with SATA port switched to compatibility mode (IDE). Windows automatically restarts, it does not reach the desktop.

Corsair SSD ToolBox 1.2 Drive Information Tool:

Model Number: USB Fixed Disk
Serial Number: [blank]
Firmware Version: [some times it displays "S9RB", some times blank]
Configuration ID N/A
Drive Size: 20.9 MB
ATA Version: Minor version is not reported (unknown)
Features [blank]
Temperature [blank]
Total Host Reads: 0B
Total Host Writes: 0B

BSD Unix diagnosis when connected via USB to SATA converter:
kernel: da0: <PS3109S9> Fixed Direct Access SPC-3 SCSI device
kernel: da0: Serial Number 000000000000
kernel: da0: 30.000MB/s transfers
kernel: da0: 20MB (40961 412 byte sectors)
and tons of read errors.

I would like to ask the technical team to confirm this problem:
- Install some operating system on this type of SSD;
- connect this SSD to any USB to SATA converter, connect it to some PC before or after some MsWindows starts (I used Hirens BootCD 15.2);
- Run ghost, make a image from this SSD to some other local file, no compression;
- Be patient as the data transfer is extremely slow no matter if the USB is 3.0;
- after failure check the parameters and adapt the firmware so it won't repeat the problem

Also I would like to ask for assistance in forcing a firmware rewrite. Corsair SSD Toolbox blocks the firmware update button when selecting this drive.

Thank you.

Toasted 02-10-2017 07:09 AM

The forums is not a official support channel.
You'll need to put in a support ticket with Corsair and see what they say.

OCZ 11-28-2017 05:05 AM


Originally Posted by Toasted (Post 890683)
The forums is not a official support channel.
You'll need to put in a support ticket with Corsair and see what they say.

link is down

Technobeard 11-28-2017 06:36 AM


Originally Posted by OCZ (Post 928124)
link is down

It's nowadays.

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