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Ovelistain 09-06-2018 12:41 PM

Corsair Crystal 570x black rgb power button
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Hi! I have this awesome pc case and i would like to contact you to understand a couple of things:
My pc was built by experts from a store here in Florence where I live (Tradeco srl). So I'm sure there was no mistake in building it. The power button is used to turn on the PC and turn it off (or to perform the operation configured in the management of the buttons on the windows control panel). I would like to know if it is normal that if the PC freezes, holding down the power button nothing happens and a hard shutdown is not performed. In the old PC chassis (cooler master pro 5) if I kept the power button pressed, the PC would perform a hard shutdown, which does not happen now. To turn it off, in case of a crash or necessity, I have to switch it off from the power supply. I add that, as said before, everything is working perfectly and the power sw and pled - / + pins have been inserted correctly on the motherboard. Thanks in advance, and again congratulations ... it's the most beautiful and qualitative chassiss I've ever had. I love the build quality of your products. Have a good day.

Corsair Caliente 09-12-2018 05:54 PM

Hey Ovelistain,

So that isn't normal. I would check with the store again to see if they hooked it up correct. Maybe something was off. They could also try testing it with another I/O panel.

DevBiker 09-12-2018 07:16 PM

That's usually a setting in the BIOS. The terminology varies by motherboard manufacturer but it's typically something about hard power off.

Ovelistain 09-12-2018 09:25 PM

First of all, thanks for replying guys :) ! I solved this issue by requesting the rma, yesterday was delivered to me a brand new replacement io/panel, installed and now everything works as intended. Happy! The problem was related to the panel. Thanks again Corsair!

Ovelistain 09-12-2018 09:30 PM

I have a question that has nothing to do with it but is this case painted with powder coating or spray paint?

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