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AJM 07-17-2018 09:56 PM

Corsair K65 Lux Lighting Help
I use the ps4 to play fortnite, but I hookup a keyboard and mouse to use instead of a controller.

I use the Corsair K65 Lux, and I downloaded the software to change the color profiles and get them set onto the keyboard. However, once I unplug the keyboard from my laptop, and plug it into my ps4, none of the lighting profiles work. They work just fine, and switch to each profile properly when plugged into the laptop. Its just once I plug the keyboard into the ps4 usb port, it has no lightin features, not even the default lighting works. Im not sure what is going on, anyone have any idea?

I also have to switch it from Bios mode to work with the windows 10 to switch the color profiles, it wont work on Bios mode hooked up to my laptop.

Corsair Nick 07-19-2018 02:56 PM

K65 LUX does not have hardware playback where you can save dynamic lighting profiles to the device, and will require the iCUE software to be running to display them. You are able to save a static profile with iCUE to the keyboard by clicking the option button next to your current profile, and selecting the SD card icon "Save Static Lightiing".

Mathieu64 01-10-2019 02:39 PM

Hello ( sorry for my language i'm french ) you say i can put rgb profiles from icue on pc to ps4 but where the button save on sd card i don't see him, thanks

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