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awakeman 02-26-2020 03:15 PM

465X RGB + H100i RGB Platinum + Commander Pro
Hi All, first of all sorry for my English, it's not fluent.

I have a few questions regarding Corsair iCUE components, not sure how to link them together.

I have a iCUE 465X RGB case (3 x LL120 fans), H100i RGB Platinum Liquid CPU Cooler (2 x ML Pro RGB PWM Fans) and one extra SP120 RGB PRO fan, so 6 RGB fans altogether. My motherboard is MSI B450 Gaming Pro Carbon AC.

I'm going to use 3 x LL120 fans on the front with H100i RGB Platinum Cooler, 2 ML Pro install on the top and one SP120 on the back.

My first question is - do I need Commander Pro or maybe I can use SYS_FAN1 to SYS_4 on my motherboard?

If I got Commander Pro how to link it with factory installed iCUE Lighting Node Core in my PC case? Node Core comes with SATA and USB cables. Do I have to plug them to motherboard or to Commander Pro?

Hope someone help...

c-attack 02-27-2020 10:55 AM

You only need a Commander Pro is you want software control over the fan speed. Otherwise, it's motherboard and BIOS like everyone else. The Commander Pro has two USB 2 pass-through ports. The LNC will plug directly into with the lighting wires from the LL120s. The fan power wires for any fan will go to the Commander Pro's fan ports. The C-Pro will then plug into the motherboard's USB 2 port.

The two ML fans will stay on the Platinum's controller for both lighting and fan control. It is possible to move them to the LNC, but they will act like 1/4 of an LL fan. You have the separate controller in the Platinum cooler. Better to use it.

The casualty in this is going to be the SP120-PRO. They cannot share the same lighting hub/core as the LL fans. That means you would have to run a separate Core or LNP+Lighting Hub just for the one fan. It doesn't make a lot f sense and may not match well anyway. I would look at adding another LL that will slot in with the LNC on the front three, but there is no harm in running it without the lighting.

awakeman 02-27-2020 12:12 PM

Thanks for your help, I appreciate it.

In summary, 3 x LL fans I will install on the front and plug them to LNC and COM-P.

Also I will install Platinum on 2 of these 3 LL fans.

2 ML fans which going to top of the case will be link with Platinum and using Platinum controller.

Going to buy fourth LL fan, install it on the back and plug it to LNC and COM-P.

Is that correct?

By the way, LNC comes with SATA and USB cables. What to do with these cables if I linked LNC with COM-P? How to link them?


c-attack 02-27-2020 06:21 PM


Originally Posted by awakeman (Post 1036206)
Also I will install Platinum on 2 of these 3 LL fans.

The above sentence is throwing me off.

3 LL120 on the front (LNC).

2 ML120 on the cooler - top exhaust (lighting and speed control).

4th fan (rear exhaust?) will join the 3 LL on the Lighting Node Core, if it's LL. Otherwise it needs it own controller.

awakeman 02-27-2020 06:44 PM

Platinum has to be installed on the front. Unfortunately there's no room on the top... Motherboard is too close.

c-attack 02-27-2020 06:57 PM

Quite right. I didn't think about the case when I wrote that. So that does that mean you are doing push-pull on the radiator? Or is it 2xLL120 top, 3rd LL lower on the front?

awakeman 02-27-2020 07:45 PM

I would like to install Platinum on the front on 2 LL fans. There will be 3 LL fans altogether and on two of them will be Platinum. 2 ML going on the top and still will need one rear fan - LL I guess. Does it make a sense?

Watch this video, this is how I would like to install fans and Platinum :) -

c-attack 02-27-2020 09:50 PM

OK, I understand. Frankly, I might be looking at LL120 3 pack if I were in your position. Yes, that is decidedly more than a single LL120. The reasons are as follows:

1) The ML fans are better on a radiator than the LL. They have wider, flatter blades for that purpose. However, if you are going to use the LL on the radiator, then the ML don't have a lot of appeal. They will be stuck in the middle of your build and that will be a break in the lighting sequence. The LL will follow a pattern of 1-2-3 up the front, then to the 1 in back. The ML will be on their own 2 fan pattern.

2) LL fans look better. Subjective for sure, but if you have 4 of one and 2 of another, the differences are going to be there to see on a daily basis. Also, LL fans have a few unique patterns not available on the ML because of the lighting configuration. With 6 LL your patterns will run front to back or vice versa, always continuous. With the ML stuck in the middle it's going to be a mixed affair.

3) All 6 LL fans will go on one lighting node pro or lighting node core. 1 channel for programming. Easy and simple.

It will work to use the ML off the Platinum lighting controller, even if the radiator is on the front. Obviously the 2 radiator fans will get their speed control from the cooler. This does make the Commander Pro more appealing, but not required. I would take the triple pack of LL first, if you need to decide between a Commander Pro and more LL.

awakeman 02-28-2020 04:07 AM

Once again thanks for your help.

If I buy 3 x LL without Com-P where I can plug second cable? I know that first of two LL cables will go to LNC, what about the second one? Can I use SYS_FAN ports on my motherboard? Have 4 and looks like this is enough (2 fans to Platinum and 4 fans to SYS_FAN 1 to 4).

If I make a decision to buy Com-P how to link it with LNC? LNC in my PC case comes with two cables SATA nad USB.

c-attack 02-28-2020 07:08 AM

All 6 LL fan lighting wires will go the LNC. That’s all that device does. Handles lighting power and control via software.

2 fan power/speed control wires will go to the Platinum’s fan splitter. The other 4 will go to the motherboard. You can pair them off with additional splitters if you want.

The Core will plug into the usb 2 pass through port on the Commander. There are two of those, so the cooler’s usb connection can go there as well. You will also have the option of taking the just the small RGB hub from the LL120 triple pack and plugging it directly into the RGB port on the Commander. That will save a small amount of space, but also free up a USB port. I recommend this for AMD x470 and x570 ports that seem to be picky about usb connections. That might apply to the 450B as well.

awakeman 02-28-2020 07:37 AM

Thanks a million! Last question - how to connect LNC with Commander?

There are two cables in LNC - SATA and USB. Are these both have to be connected?

c-attack 02-28-2020 02:37 PM

The flat SATA connector is for device and lighting power. 6 LL fans can use almost 3.6A of current when at full white. No sata, no lights.

The usb internal connector is how data is transferred between the device and software. No usb connection, no control. The Core will connect through the Commander Pro’s USB ports.

awakeman 02-28-2020 02:47 PM

Thank you very much!

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