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SolemnStrike 07-25-2019 10:31 AM

RGB Cable Splitter for H100i Platinum

I'm building my first PC at the moment.
My Case is the Sharkoon TG5.
I had to place the H100i RGB Platinum with the Radiator and the 2 Corsair ML120 Pro RGB-pwm-Fans in the Front.
But in the Front there is space for 3x 120mm Fans so i'm currently using the 2 Corsair Fans on the top and middle space and 1 stock "meh" sharkoon cooler on the bottom.

Since this fan mix looks pretty awful i thought about purchasing a single ML120 Pro RGB-pwm-Fan Kit.
I don't need more Fans and purchasing a lightning pro and led hub for one single Fan is a bit expensive. :(

First i thought i could simply plugin the RGB cable of the Fan in the JCORSAIR1 (3pin) or JRAINBOW1 (3 pin) of my MSI b450 Gaming Pro Carbon AC, but i don't think this is possible?
So then i thought about this, is there a splitter for the RGB Cable of the H100i RGB Platinum Pro?
I know if that is the case both fans would have the exact same color then.

SolemnStrike 07-25-2019 10:33 AM

2 Attachment(s)
Since i do not see my attached imgur picture links, ill try to repost them here... They show the RGB Cable of the Fan connected with the RGB Cable of the Pump.
A Splitter for the Pump RGB Cable would be awesome...

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