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UX_Igor 03-31-2019 12:18 PM

Performance comparison 240 to 360mm rad
I've just updated my build to house a 9900k, and currently I'm using a 4 years old H100i (240 aio) with 2 120SP fans to keep it cool. Performance wise, this setup is doing a good job, especially because I got a golden silicon and I can keep all cores @5.1, cache @4.6 @1.31V.

Now to the question;

I bought a couple months ago a really nice case (Phanteks Evolv X), and I want to have it filled with 6 or 7 LL120 Fans. The only way I can think of to keep a similar cooling performance using LL fans instead would be to increase the rad size for better passive cooling (H150i Pro would come in here). I wonder if anyone would be able to tell me how much of a difference I can expect in temperatures, be it for better or worse.

Just to make it crystal clear:
Now: H100i 2x SP120
After: H150i Pro 3x LL120.

If temps were to change drastically even by changing rad size, I'd consider using 6-7 HD120 instead (3 on the rad). ML fans are 100% out of question for not looking good in my opinion.

Thank you.

c-attack 03-31-2019 02:11 PM

Here is some specific data from another user. He was running an AXV x264 application for about 15 minutes.

Hardware: 9900K 5GHz all cores ~1.32V, H150i pump
Initial Liquid Temp ~28C
Pump Speed 2800RPM fan speeds 1600RPM: Liquid temp 36, CPU package temp 81
Pump Speed 2800RPM fan speeds 1200RPM: Liquid temp 37, CPU package temp 83

The key here is the coolant temperature for comparison. He sees about a +8C rise. Your usage may not be quite as intense, but I suspect you may still see coolant deltas around +10-12 when really pushing it. Fan design is usually going to be superseded drastically by a 50% increase in radiator size. One of the key advantages of a 360 is you can get the same cooling with slower or weaker fans because of the larger surface area.

You also can claw your way through comparison of other radiators. This is an often cited source and from that you can compare the two radiators below. It is not meant to be a direct comparison to your H100i since both of these are 60mm thick, but they are identical otherwise for the 240 to 260 comparison. You won't ever get a perfect 50% increase in heat dissipation, but there is about 90W difference between the two models at the 1300 rpm mark where you might like to keep the fans. That more than covers any change to a slightly weaker fan. These are also 300W loads. The 9900K at your settings is likely closer to 225-240W, so that will reduce the overall coolant rise.

240 x 60mm radiator
360 x 60mm radiator

UX_Igor 03-31-2019 02:52 PM

Thanks c-attack,

I wasn't really sure if the difference in rad size would compensate enough for changing SP fans to LL, but apparently it will. I'll be proceeding to purchasing the H150i Pro with the LL fan packs.

c-attack 03-31-2019 05:18 PM

It will. You always can run a fan just a bit faster to make up for a less efficient radiator blade design. However, you won't make make up the difference when jumping up a radiator size at any reasonable speed. No matter what fans you use, I think a 360mm is good choice for the 9900K. It pulls a hefty wattage when overclocked.

DevBiker 04-01-2019 12:55 AM

Keep in mind that the cooling ability is (at least partially) a function of the available surface area. With a 240mm radiator, you are looking at a total of 28,800 mm2 of surface ... with a 360mm radiator you have 43,200 mm2 of surface area. That's a big difference. This assumes that all other things are equal but it's a good rough guide of radiator cooling capacity.

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