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m2828 12-26-2018 06:37 PM

Has Corsair replaced the hex screws on the Carbide Series 275R Mid-Tower Gaming Case?
I'm considering purchasing a Carbide Series 275R Mid-Tower Gaming Case, but held back by the horrible decision to use hex screws on the glass/acrylic panel. Also the design to not have some sort of 'holder' / 'mount' to keep the glass panel in place when removing the screws.

I've read in comments that people have been receiving their cases with 'updated' cases that included dust filters (on the acrylic.. which weren't included before) and thumb screws for the glass panel versions.

These are just comments on users so I can't put much weight on it.

Can anyone confirm that Corsair has rectified their poor decision to use hex screws and have updated their case to include proper thumb screws?

I'd really love to buy this case, if they've dropped hex screws.


Corsair Caliente 12-26-2018 07:57 PM

Current 275R cases have updated screws from what I hear from the case team.

m2828 12-27-2018 11:30 AM

thanks for the reply.

i'll prob wait a few more months so that I don't get stuck with an old stock case that wasn't updated. i doubt corsair is willing to send updated parts for the users who end up with the old revisions.

also the website still shows pictures of the old revision (hex screws) which isn't comforting.

lloydubes 01-10-2019 11:55 PM

Well I got mine with thumb screws securing the temepered glass with the rubbers glued to the standoffs

sssboi 11-29-2019 11:42 PM

Hi, I'm from Australia and have a 275R and I'm desperately trying to find these thumb screws. Unfortunately the Corsair website doesn't offer shipping anywhere outside of the USA. Could someone please post pictures of these updated screws and if any one has a product number or link to these updated screws, I would greatly appreciate it. It is extremely frustrating that 4 small thumb screws worth a few bucks can't be purchased anywhere..

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