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cyberluigi 09-11-2018 11:08 AM

Lapdog stopped working
I purchased the Lapdop along with the K70 and the M65 on April 24, 2018. It was my first Corsair purchase!

Yesterday, September 10, 2018, the lapdop stopped working. The keyboard lights up but it does not respond. The mouse does not work at all. I took out the mouse and keyboard off the Lapdog and verified that they both work without the lapdog. Yes, they both work without it.

I'm not sure what went wrong with the lapdog. It was working fine the night before and the next day it did not work. The power supply works, it lights up. But the mouse and keyboard does not work when it's plugged into the Lapdog.

What else can I do? Is there any warranty or something on this? I would hate to have spent money on this thing (my first Corsair purchase) to just be told "There's nothing we can do".

Thanks for any help guys, much appreciated.

Edit: After replacing the USB cable with another USB 3.0 cable, the unit is now working. The cable went bad, that's all.

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