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TS- 08-08-2019 10:27 PM

Loose power button on Void Pro Wireless
Is a loose power button normal for these headsets? I purchased mine online and received them yesterday. The button itself seemed to work fine, but it was very wobbly and I could hear a slight rattle when moving my head. The power button was also sunken in rather than flush with the mic mute button. I exchanged the pair for another set at Best Buy which also had the same issue.

I can't imagine getting a pair from two different states with the exact same issue, but if this isn't normal, should I exchange them at BB again and pray? If I do it through Corsair, will I end up with a refurbished unit?

I feel like it's only a minor cosmetic issue but I'm worried over time the button is going to get some wear and potentially stop working.

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