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MaitreyaXayah 04-08-2020 05:39 PM

Can't login to Corsair's Customer Support
I am sending a request to reset my password

but there is no link to my e-mail address.

I have an existing ticket.

I am waiting for an answer, but I cannot login. there is no link when I check my mail

What can I do for it ?

Patongo 04-08-2020 11:24 PM

I'm also about to post about the same issue here, it irks me so much that I can't check the status of the ticket.

Memento381 04-09-2020 01:13 AM

Same problem for me, I send a request to reset password but the email never arrives.

Can you help us with this Corsair?

MaitreyaXayah 04-09-2020 01:40 AM

I think someone in charge needs to help us, I have a ticket waiting for an answer right now and I can't do anything.

bobbestfriend 04-09-2020 02:42 AM

I also have the same problem of it not being able to login while I have already login to the main site

Hasib 04-09-2020 07:07 AM

Can login to corsair support page
Since past few days i am having trouble logging into corsair support page.
I have a ticket and cant check on updates.
The last time i had this issue i called thier international number and i was able to login, now again i am facing same problem
I can't keep calling international numbers just to get access support page
And skype is blocked where i live, so i can't have thier toll free number, for free.
Have anyone else faced it. Is thier another way to login into support page without calling them again.

Spades22 04-09-2020 09:17 AM

I'm also unable to log in on the Support Page. I've seen a few other threads saying that their accounts were locked, may be the case for ours as well? Any agents able to take a look?

Technobeard 04-09-2020 03:34 PM

Looks like it's working again.

Memento381 04-10-2020 02:31 AM

Yes, it works fine for me now, thank you.

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