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kghultland 07-17-2019 02:44 PM

Keycaps breaking

I have a new (ca 3-month-old) K95 RGB Platinum keyboard with the "Nordic" Key layout. The last couple of weeks several of the keys caps have had their mountings breaking with parts of the plastic under the Caps forming the plus breaking off.

This far it happened to the F4, the 5, the 6, the G and the left shift key, a couple of them I managed to glue together but I am afraid that more keys will break.

I mainly use the keyboard for writing and coding and have had no problem with my older K70 RGB Keyboard that I bought a year ago that I use on my gaming rig.

Where can one get spare Key Caps? Preferably with the correct markings for my layout.

Corsair Hotpot 07-17-2019 03:19 PM


I recommend contacting our Support team so they can help you out, unfortunately we do not sell single keycaps.

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