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Schar07 09-23-2017 08:36 AM

AX860i not seen by CL
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I know it is a common headache, but i tried everything. AX860i does not show up in latest CL.

W7 x64 + i7 4770k + Asus M6F Z87.
H80i + AX860i, PS is connected through H80i block.
SIVx64 sees both fine.
Device Manager shows no Corsair Integrated USB bridge (HID/USB) devices, but it shows both VID_1B1CXXXXXXX USB Input and HID-compliant devices as generic/unbranded and OK.
In Control Panel Programs and Features i have both Corsair LINK 4 and Windows Driver Package - Corsair Components, Inc. (SIUSBXP) USB (07/14/2010 3.3) items.

PS was seen with older releases, probably up to 1y ago, i did not notice exactly when it disappeared. Sometimes updating CL was breaking things up but uninstall + manual cleaning + reinstall worked doesn't.

I already removed CL with full manual cleaning of folders and registry keys - including those requiring SYSTEM permissions to be deleted.

I have seen the AXi PSU Drivers red-rey was posting, but they don't install through the INF file right click neither through Device Manager, as i have no yellow keys to apply them neither does the HW scan find any new devices for the AXi. How can i load them?

Any further ideas before throwing this crappy software into the bin?


red-ray 09-23-2017 09:16 AM

SIV reports your AX860i so CL4 should !
As your AX860i is connected via the H80i C-Link port then all the posts I made about the SIUSBXP driver don't apply. This driver is only used when the Corsair Link AXi PSU USB Dongle is used to connect AXi PSUs.


Originally Posted by Schar07 (Post 920969)

SIV reports your AX860i so the hardware is fine and CL4 should also report it :nodding:, but I have no real idea as to why CL4:!oops: fails. I suggest you log a call via and ask Corsair to fix their software :rant2:, remember to upload your original invoice.

As no fans are connected to the H80i I guess you must be using the motherboard to control them, are you? Assuming so I guess you have no real need to use CL4.

Looking at your post my guess is that things went wonky in CL I would be inclined to try CL with the CPUIDSDK.dll from CL

Schar07 09-24-2017 04:00 PM

Thanks RR,

Ticket opened:shootme:

Yes, H80i two fans are connected to mobo CPU headers and controlled by Asus AI Suite 3 Fan Xpert 2. BTW, i also closed AI SUite 3 and retested LINK, but no PSU yet.

Reason to use link was mainly to see wattage absorption and trending more easily. Plus, i hate the idea that Corsair software doesn't work with 2 of their own pieces of HW... come on!:nono:

And,,,well, thanks, i forgot i made the analysis and post in May! Actually i do confirm it. And thanks, i'll give CPUIDSDK.dll trick a shot.

Thank you and regards

Schar07 09-24-2017 04:39 PM

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v4.6.0.86 with CPUIDSDK x86 and x64 DLLs from is almost working!

Only two 220mm slow speed chassis fans #1 and #3 are off (actually they were shutdown while screenshooting - temp controlled by Asus AI Suite), but i can now see MOBO + CPU + SSDs + GPUs + DRAMs + H80i + AX860i!

red-ray 09-25-2017 04:16 AM

Don't use SIV if you have ASUS AI Suite active!

Originally Posted by Schar07 (Post 921048)
temp controlled by Asus AI Suite

Don't use SIV if you have ASUS AI Suite active!, see

There are many posts about ASUS AI Suite + CL4 "not getting along" and I advise against trying to do this.

Schar07 09-27-2017 05:45 PM

OK, actually exiting both AI Suite and AIDA64 shows correct chassis fans values in LINK. I'll decide what to leverage moving fwd, but thanks for the Dll trick.

PS: no news from Corsair yet

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