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AdamC 08-27-2018 04:37 PM

Carbide Spec-06 RGB with Other RGB Devices Help

I recent purchased a carbide spec-06 RGB case and I absolutely love it, it's a great product. I don't have any other RGB components and I want to light up my rig a little more. I was thinking about getting a single HD120 RGB LED High Performance 120mm PWM Fan (SKU CO-9050065-WW) to replace my exhaust fan.
I see that there is an option to purchase this fan with or without a controller. I've also been looking into the Command Pro and RGB hubs.
With these various hardware options available, is there is a best practice for operating the case and fan lights with the same controller?

Thank you for your time,

c-attack 08-27-2018 07:20 PM

It is a lot of hardware to stuff into the back of the case for 1 fan, but I'll leave that evaluation to you. The HD series was one of the original RGB releases and Corsair created a physical thumb sized remote control to change one variable at a time (color, speed, pattern). This was OK and a 7 color RGB fan was a step forward, but it still pales in comparison to what you can do with the software. It is really hard to recommend it as a non-software install, although the 1 single fan with no other iCUE capable devices might be the one viable exception. Nevertheless, I would still recommend you take it to the software by getting a Lighting Node Pro (LNP) or Commander Pro (C-Pro). Both will act as the software interface between RGB fans, strips, and some other devices. The C-Pro also serves as a 6 port fan controller and has 4 temp probes that be rather useful for controlling more complex set-ups. I rely heavily on mine to regulate custom loop radiator fans that do not have an internal coolant temp function.

I don't see any reason to get the HD120 x 1 with remote. You won't ever use it once you connect it to the software (actually, can't use it -- same physical connection slot).

Decide if you want HD or LL for the case now. Mixing and matching is hard work and can be frustrating. It requires separate hardware for each.

HD120x3 is cheaper because it does not come with a LNP or C-Pro. You will still need one. Factor that into the cost. LL120x3 does come with a LNP, but not a Commander Pro. If you really wanted the C-Pro, it would be an additional cost on top the LL120x3 price.

Currently in iCUE, both HD and LL fans require the software to be active for lighting control. When the software is not running (like on boot), you will get the default rainbow swirl. Just know this ahead of time. HD fans can still save their lighting behavior on the previous lighting software Corsair Link, but support is ending for that product. Making this work on iCUE does not seem to be a priority.

I am not 100% sure what kind of control you have over the front fascia RGB "strip" on the 06. Is that through iCUE as well? It is a relatively new case and not everything about it is common knowledge yet. If you have to run the iCUE software for the case, setting up a system to run without it seems counterproductive.

AdamC 08-28-2018 10:42 AM

Greetings C-Attack,

Thank you for for taking the time to get me all this information, I truly appreciate it.

To answer your question about the case, the only control I have over it as of right now is a physical thumb sized control much like the one you describe that came with the HD series fans. I do not know if it is possible to run it through iCUE.

pjschaffer 08-28-2018 04:18 PM


I also have a SPEC-06 RGB Case. I went down the route of using 6 ML-120 fans. I got the 3x with the Lighting Node Pro and fan hub and an additional three fans without the controllers. (I started with just three ML-120s and the two fans that came with the case but I was dazzled by the LEDs and ended up buying three more ML-120s). I also added four LED Lighting Strips along the edges of the case. Everything fits pretty well although I did remove one of the SSD brackets to mount the LNP.

I chose the ML Series for the magnetic levitation bearings so I sacrificed LED capability as the MLs only have four Hub Mounted LEDs. If I started over, I might have gone with the LL series (16 LEDs in the hub and housing) but I'm not unhappy with what I have.

Also, I had asked about connecting the front panel RGB strip to an LNP and the answer was that it wasn't compatible due to the connectors. Obviously an adapter could be made but I haven't wanted to try this without knowing what it could do the the LNP.

c-attack 08-28-2018 05:24 PM


Originally Posted by pjschaffer (Post 970587)
Also, I had asked about connecting the front panel RGB strip to an LNP and the answer was that it wasn't compatible due to the connectors. Obviously an adapter could be made but I haven't wanted to try this without knowing what it could do the the LNP.

Thank you. I have been wondering about this. So AdamC, it seems you will need to work with at least 1 physical remote control probably dropped in the bottom of the case. Perhaps then 1 x HD120 + remote would be an inexpensive way to get into the game without having to splurge for the 3 fan pack + LNP/C-Pro. I still encourage everyone to go the software route. When I first got my HD fans with the remote, they lasted 3 weeks. I typically changed out fans every month from overly large collection, but these did not make it long. Too bright, few usable colors/patterns for what I wanted. I prefer subtle. 6 months later I went back and got a Commander Pro and put them back in. What a world of difference. I can make things as subtle as I like or blinding. Very complex patterns are possible. Brightness control. Now they never come out. I have the ML-RGB as well, but you can do more intricate things with the 12 vs 4 LEDs. The 16 LEDs on the LL have lots of options as well, but must be software controlled like the ML-RGB.

AdamC 08-28-2018 07:40 PM

I definitely would prefer a software route, I really like that level of control. This is the second PC case I've ever purchased and I'd like to ensure that I get everything I want with it so it'll be a more permanent purchase...
I do have the ability to return this case, it sounds like the Carbide SPEC OMEGA RGB might be more what I'm looking for. Do you have any experience with this case or could recommend another alternative?

foxthedog 10-23-2018 01:01 AM

I was thinking about buying this case with some other corsair RGB parts, but not being able to control the front led with iCue is a no-go for me. I'm a couple weeks out from purchasing everything, maybe I'll just cross my fingers and hope they make an adapter.

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