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mjs1231 11-27-2004 09:44 PM

Nf7-s Rev 2.0 | Corsair Pc3200 Xl Cmx-2x512
I recently purchased corsair xms pc3200 XL 1 gig dual kit, The memory was unstable at default settings, bsod's, games hard locked or rebooted pc.
I ram memtest86 v 3.2 and was greeted with red screen with the word failure all over. I rma'ed the ram back to newegg and reveived the new ram back. I imediatly installed and ram memtest again and it ran for a few minutes and again greeted with failures

system specs

Antec sl350 smartpower
abit nf7-s rev 2.0
amd 2500 + @ 1.7 v
ddr @ 2.8 v @ 400 fsb @ 5 2 2 2.0 optimal
fx 5900 xt @ 1.7 v
wd raptor sata drive
Am I missing some thing

thank you

mjs1231 11-28-2004 09:17 AM

pc3200 xl 1024
Ya I baught a gig of corsair memory over a month ago and sent it back twice and and now the ram still fails memtest on multiple motherboards.

even after 1 month and over 450 dollars because of shipping and loss from taking time off work and I still do not have a working set of ddr, this is VERY DISAPOINTING

I can not recomend using newegg ever again,
I ordered 1 gig 2x512 of corsair xms pc3200 XL and two fx 5900 xt video cards and every part was blown/ bad/fried/failed

Then they give me the run around and treat me like I did something wrong, very disapointed.

I have left multiple messages with corsair and left emails and no one has called me or replied to my emails,

I have to say this is the worst service I have ever delt with in my life, I spent over 800 dollars and I feel totaly ripped off, but maybe i am imagining the whole thing, ya right

online nightmare ......................

mjs1231 11-28-2004 09:46 AM

here are my system specs
abit nf7-s rev 2.0 bios 2.6 newest
Antec sl350 smartpower psu
corsair XMS pc 3200 XL 2x512 but unusable @ 2.8 v @ 400 fsb @ 5 2 2 2.0
2500 + cpu @ 1.7 v
fx 5900 xt finnaly got a working one from newegg
now using 3 2x256 1x512 512 in slot 3 lol mixed chips @ 333 @ 11 2 2 2.5 @ 2.8 v memtest passed on them no errors
raptor hard disk
no other devices in pc no pata disks no cd drives no flopies

xp pro sp2

all usb disabled
bios and video caching disabled

trust me I build water cooled Enthusiast pc's for $$$ since i have been laid off ( outsourced ) from my feild in Information technology 3 times is last 3 years.
yes I am a bush hater but what can you do except vote against someone that gives tax breaks to the wealthy and ganks the middle class. 20 % 12%

If you think I have missed something please let me know.


Wired 11-28-2004 12:28 PM

The 2500+ only has a FSB of 333 Mhz.
XP CPU Specs

Running that CPU with that mem would either require you to OC the CPU to have a FSB of 400 Mhz, or to underclock the memory to 333 Mhz. If you run the FSB and memory asynchronously, then it can and will cause problems.

mjs1231 11-28-2004 05:33 PM

I know the difference between fsb 333 and 400 and yes the 2500 + is a pre week 34 and is fully unocked and runs on air stable @ 2.5 ghz @ 1.875 v

I will also asume you read my statement, tested on multiple motherboards.

I also ran memtest86 3.2 on that cpu @ 2.5 ghz while i had OCZ 2x256 pc 3500 overnight and zero issues. I can accept that the cpu is is fine at any speed.

mjs1231 11-28-2004 05:46 PM

i just need a RMA
Can u assist me in getting a rma from corsair ?

I know enough not to run AMD systems async

and yes the cpu is over clocked but @ 3200 + or 2200 mhz just by changing the multiplier to 11

which is not realy a overclock at all, these chips run perfect @ 400 and everyone knows it. plus my brothers cpu is a true 3200 + and the ram failed on it with in 2-3 minutes so I know for a fact the ram is failing because he has 2x512 Kingston pc3500 with ramsinks and runs 440 fsb and ran memtest86 3.2 over a entire weekend zero failures,

I do have a question. If I get the next pair directly from corsair will they test them before shipping to me ?


Wired 11-28-2004 08:22 PM

They always test them before going out, and always send new ones.

To answer that next upcoming question, nothing's 100 % in life no matter how hard we try :)

Xpman 11-28-2004 08:46 PM

Mjs can I offer some advice? Get rid of that pathetic PSU. I'm tired of having to bring this up in all the forums but please don't argue with me. That's a garbage PSU regardless what anyone tells you. Do you have any idea what that combination of NF7 and XP does to the 12v? I don't think you do or you'd have a different PSU.

Please take my amazes me. Top notch mobo, great cpu for overclocking, great ram..and a cheap, lousy PSU. What's up with that? Look, no one wants to go out and spend $200 on a PC P&C PSU except some of us that know better. The PSU is the number 1 rule for good overclocks yet no one follows that. People need to do more research and studying if they're going to OC.

#1 PSU
#2 Ram

Why do I see so much garbage for PSUs? Don't look anywhere else my man it's as plain as daylight. You already RMA'd to NewEgg (which are top notch for CS after OCZ) ram and Video Card..CLUE: VIDEO CARD..OC, NF7 and Video Card and there's no doubt that your garbage PSU can't supply enough 12v for all way.

Do you honestly think all the products are bad and your other components are perfect? Trust me this one time. Take the pearls of wisdom and go spend in a REAL psu. I'm willing to bet you'll see a BIG difference. Just trust me, you have nothing to lose. It'll cost you but come on man that's what it takes if you want to oc and going 200fsb on an NForce2 is overclocking.

Xpman 11-28-2004 09:06 PM

MJS..I forgot to add that I used to have the biggest problems with everything when I first started with overclocking. My Corsair PC3200Cas2 wouldn't go past 190 fsb etc. I did a ton of reading and one day I was thinking wait a minute, what's the heart of a PC specially when overclocking..the PSU. What happens when you oc?

The power requirements go thru the roof and Bartons and NForce2s are 12v hogs. I got a $200 Turbo Cool 510 Deluxe and my Corsair 3200Cas2 magically went to 215 fsb with only 2.8v with the same setups. I have that board now on my gfs pc with the same ram with a garbage PSU like yours and sure enough it won't go past 200 fsb. Since then the only thing that holds me back are the motherboards not the ram, not the cpu, not the PSU.

mjs1231 11-29-2004 02:08 AM

just slapped in OCZ powerstream from my biddies pc, anyway all lights on the back are green.
its the 520 watt version

this is the link

booted to memtest86 3.2 and got red screen with failures


next lol

the ram is still bad bro

what next ? throw kitchen sink at it lol

next lololol

mjs1231 11-29-2004 02:11 AM

oh ya

you just lost that bet lol

got any more bright ideas ? lol

RAM GUY 11-29-2004 02:53 PM

Please follow the link in my signature I think I have a bad part! and we will be happy to replace them or it!

Xpman 11-29-2004 11:34 PM


Originally Posted by mjs1231

you just lost that bet lol

got any more bright ideas ? lol

Nice try but not even close. How is OCZ GimmickStream a PC P&C??? Please explain! This should be REAL good let me go get some popcorn and a nice pint of Ale. turn to "lol". :D: :D: :D:

mjs1231 12-02-2004 12:19 AM

Just got rma and shipped the twinx back

thanks for all the help RG

and xp man, this is not a personal attack just a forum, lol

curently running 2x256 OCZ platnium pc 3500 @ 2.88 v @ 440 fsb with same board, cpu and psu ( sl350 Antec ) nf7-s rev 2.0 bios 2.6
and yes it is 1-1 sync on air @ 102 F. idle lol

memtest86 3.2 for 4 hours no failures

cs ram failed within 3 minutes every time lol

on both motherboards and both psu's lol

do the math lol

ps also ordered brand new ( just came out )pc-power and cooling 550 deluxe with adjustable rails and new modular wire design 290.00 big ones

I think ! there for I must be. muahahahaha lol

RAM GUY 12-02-2004 01:31 PM

Did you try and reset or load setup defaults and set the timings and such accordingly. In addition, XMS3200C2 with this platform would be rated at 200 MHz at Cass 2.5-3-3-6. So what are the settings you have set for the both CPU and memory.

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