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hastegag 10-07-2019 09:45 PM

K95 On Screen Macro-board
I figured this is worth a share, yet most people on the SDK forums could probably make this in their sleep, but I was noticing I didn't love being relegated to my k63 and lapboard while we were doing some construction work in the office because I lost the macro keys I have grown reliant on. This is a half decent non gaming alternative to stand in the gap. This assumes you already use the G1-G18 keys for issuing some off-board (off a 104 typical) keyboard event and respond to it elsewhere.

For me this corresponds to the keys I chose for the k and m keys to omit using a modified Events example (more or less) available here:

Anyone intending to elaborate on the hotkeyTest.ahk code should visit the AutoHotKey discord or Docs to see about basics such as prefixing hotkeys with modifiers ctrl (^) alt (!) and shift (+) like:

        Msgbox Ctrl Alt Shift G2

The updated "y5.ahk" script is now able to register its own modifiers of ctrl, shift, alt and win, in the event they are difficult to depress in a remote session or for any other reason. To toggle them off you need to hit the "clear all OSK modifiers" button some what hideously displayed.

PS, pardon my ignorance in the above I am not classically trained or professionally engaged in the fine art of programming much less version control :biggrin:

hastegag 11-26-2019 01:54 AM has been updated to add the full keyboard layout ... needs improvement still but good for RDP/mstsc users who are used to their K95s and Scimitars might find this interesting. It is slow but is much faster than first iterations and more fully featured as of 11-30

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