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TSElephant 08-14-2019 02:34 PM

Same Lighting Link settings behaving differently on different profiles...
Hey there! First post here, so if this is more appropriate for a different forum, just let me know.

So, when I'm not using my computer, I like to run a distributed computing charity program. I figure I might as well do something with my computing power when I'm not personally using it. When this software is running, it can cause some significant temperature fluctuations. Nothing so hot as to be damaging, but enough to make using iCUE's temperature responding lighting lots of fun!

So I have both an H150i PRO and a newly acquired K70 MK.2. (Absolutely in love with this new keyboard, btw.) Before I got the keyboard, I had the H150i set up to change color depending on the CPU temp. Worked like a charm. When I got the keyboard, I just changed that lighting effect to a "link" lighting effect, and the keyboard immediately started lighting up exactly the same way! Perfection.

However, when I created a second profile to play around with other lighting effects, I ran into an odd issue. The profile that's active while I'm using the computer has the temp link and a simple keystroke ripple effect, and works just fine. However, when I'm leaving my computer, and therefore running that charity software, I switch to another profile where the ripple effect is replaced with a visor one. The temp link settings are identical.

When this second profile is active, the color of the H150i and the K70 go right to the 70C color, regardless of actual temperature.
These are the settings I'm using for the temp link when it's operating correctly.
Keyboard lighting
H150i lighting
CPU temp

Compare to the same images, but on a different profile. The only difference between these profiles is that on one, the keyboard has a ripple effect on keystroke, and the other has a visor effect running.

In both cases, the three colors selected have the same RGB values, are set to the same temperature thresholds, and are operating at 37C.

Any ideas of what might be happening here? Thanks for any help you can provide!

DevBiker 08-14-2019 02:57 PM

On one profile, the temp source is set to the H150 Temp and on the other profile it's set to the temp of i7 8700 Core #1.

c-attack 08-14-2019 03:15 PM

“H150i Temp” is the coolant temperature. It has a typical range of 25-40C, environmental factors excluded.

Core 1 on an 8700K is going to be all over the place and individual cores may change a bit too fast for controlled lighting. Package temp might work better.

TSElephant 08-14-2019 03:34 PM

Excellent catch! Thanks all, that fixed my problem. I appreciate the help!

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