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born2ryde90 02-22-2017 03:35 PM

K70 RGB switches failing.
I bought the K70 RGB keyboard about 2 months ago. The keyboard has started acting very weird lately. Some keys will randomly not work and others will type a letter 2 or 3 times. The Keyboard has been in a safe place since i got it, no children or animals to damage it. After watching several videos and scrolling forums i determined its the silver switches malfunctioning.

M, O, B, F, G, 5, 0, Space, Backspace, Enter and 0+enter on numpad.

I am past the 30 day return on newegg, what steps do i have to take to get this fixed? It was far too expensive to push to the side and replace.

Toasted 02-23-2017 06:08 AM

Put in a support ticket with Corsair to replace it via warranty.

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