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Rasmus Klump 12-08-2018 01:44 PM

Keyboard won't connect to any pc
I've had my K95 RGB Platinum Keyboard for just about a year, and then suddenly my macros didn't work.
So i tried what user "Gangplank" wrote further down this post
I used the ISP file that "Geotherm" linked. Which is "K95RGB_ISP_V205.bin".

After i've done all the steps, my keyboard won't register at all.
Keys doesn't work, it got no lights, and Windows doesn't even give that sound when something is connected.

However, when i push the small Reset button on the back and plug in the keyboard, it does register - and a window pops up with the firmware inside.
Even when this happens and it "registers" - still nothing on the keyboard works.
I've also tried to get out of "Demo mode" by pressing ESC when the keyboard is unplugged, and then plugging it in holding ESC for about 10 seconds - which also didn't work.

Now, whenever i plug the keyboard into any pc - it doesn't work.

Anybody who might know a solution to this problem? :confused:

Thank you,
Rasmus Klump

Corsair Hotpot 12-10-2018 08:31 PM

That firmware file was for the K95 RGB not for the Platinum that you have. Please make a support ticket so our support team can supply you with the correct version. This is why we'd prefer people ask us directly because if you flash the wrong firmware file it can brick certain units depending what was done. I think we can fix your keyboard still once you have the right file.

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