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boostedion 12-31-2018 12:59 PM

iCUE "Not Responding" 95% of the time, sluggish when it works
Hello everyone, I purchased a K95 Platinum Keyboard or Dec. 27. In the 4 days that i have had, its been a complete nightmare.
After installing iCUE, i have had nothing but problems. When opening the iCUE window half the time it wont open causing me to have to quit the program and try to relaunch it. If I am able to get the window to open it runs extremely sluggish and 95 percent of the time it says (Not responding) and will then give me the option to wait for iCUE to respond or close the program. I have uninstalled iCUE and reinstalled it at least a dozen times and the problem never changes.
Really love the keyboard and don't want to have to switch to another brand, but this software is complete trash and making it so I cant use the macro buttons, which is entire reason I switched to it. I'd appreciate any advice to fix this situation, instead of having to return this keyboard.

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