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Davmania123 09-17-2018 03:44 PM

Issue with ICUE lighting
I am having an issue since the last patch. My lighting keeps flickering and reverting back to rainbow wave and also going off and back on, this has happened since the last icue update, ive tried hard resetting my lighting node, downdating to the last version of icue and so far the only way i can get my lighting to work is to use the Link software. I have checked the power cable and the motherboard connector and it definatly seems to be a software issue of sorts or it wouldn't be working on link....... can anyone help with this please?

Lunasea81 09-17-2018 08:06 PM

From what I've been able to understand from the forums and research, the iCUE software completely lacks the ability to write the profile permanently to the device like the way LiNK software can.

Personally, I installed iCUE to configure my mouse and keyboard, then uninstalled it. And then LiNK had no problem saving a lighting configuration that persists without the software running because it writes the profile to the devices and makes the settings "permanent"

I say "permanent" because if you ever install iCUE, that obnoxious gremlin of a software wipes out all of your device profiles on reinstall and you need to uninstall and reconfigure in LiNK if you need to make adjustments to your peripherals at times.

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