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PDX_Dragon 05-24-2019 03:47 PM

Another Keyboard Cable Question
Hi Folks:

I know I'm not the only one with a cracked keyboard cable.

I like my three year old, out of warranty, K70 LUX RGB keyboard, and it's operating perfectly.

The rubber has separated and the wires are exposed right at the end of the strain relieve sleeve on the keyboard. The strain relieve sleeve should have been much longer. These wires are bearing the mechanical strain that the rubber sheathing and fabric cover should be handling.

Advice - If the fabric sheath or rubber cable tear or crack on a keyboard that's under warranty, submit a ticket to Corsair support. Bad things are starting to happen.

I've submitted a ticket to Corsair support, asking if I can pay for a replacement cable, or to have the cable replaced by Corsair.

The answer is a polite "no".

I'm looking for an alternative to throwing a perfectly good keyboard away.

Has anybody found a fix for this?

I haven't taken the keyboard apart yet. Can the cable be cut and the wire ends soldered to a connector that plugs into the keyboar's printed circuit board?

Is there some goop I can apply to the break in the cable that will harden into a solid new section of the cable, capable of enduring the strain?

Failing that, has anybody come up with a strain relief that will prevent this from happening to my next keyboard?

Apophis3 05-25-2019 01:41 PM

I suppose you can get some shrink tubing and use it for the exposed area, and a bit into the housing, then heat it to mold to the cable.

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